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EMF Meter Electromagnetic Radiation Detector Wave Radiation EMF Tester


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EMF Meter Electromagnetic Radiation Detector Wave Radiation EMF Tester

- Proper Size: Easy to carry and operate with one hand.
- LCD Display: Large clear, easy to read values.
- Flashlight Function: See the values clearly in the dark.
- One EMF Meter with Three Measurements: Measurements of the magnetic field radiation, electric field radiation and the temperature.
- Multiple Units Conversion: mG/T/(V/M)/C/F
- Data Hold Max Measurement: One-key locks the data.
- Sound-light Alarm: When the test result exceeds the safe value, the instrument will alarm automatically.
- Wide Applications: Measuring radiation of TV, induction cooker, rice cooker, refrigerator, computer, appliances, electrical wires, etc.

Material: ABS
Color: Black
Power Supply: 1 * 6F22 9V Battery (Not Included)
Automatic Shutdown: No operation for 15 minutes
Operating Environment: 0-40C/32-104F, 45%-80%RH
Frequency Range: 5Hz-3500MHz
Measurement Range of Magnetic Field Intensity: 0.1-199.9mG / 0.01-19.99T
Resolution Ratio: 0.1mG / 0.01T
Alarm Threshold: > 4.0mG / > 0.4T
Measurement Range of Electric Field Intensity: 1-1999V/M
Resolution Ratio: 1V/M
Alarm Threshold: > 40V/M
Measurement Range of Ambient Temperature: 0?50C/ 32?122F
Resolution Ratio: 1C/F
Accuracy: ±1.5C/ 3F
Item Size: Approx. 19.2*5.38*3.5cm / 7.56*2.12*1.38in
Item Weight: Approx. 110g / 3.88oz
Package Size: Approx. 23*8*5cm / 9.06*3.15*1.97in

Packing List:
1 * Electromagnetic Radiation Detector
1 * Users Manual
1 * Storage Bag

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EMF Meter Electromagnetic Radiation Detector Wave Radiation EMF Tester