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[6-PACK] Earth Japan Insecticidal Repellent & Sterilizing full-efficacy Spray 300g For Kitchen

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[6-PACK] Earth Japan Insecticidal Repellent & Sterilizing full-efficacy Spray 300g For Kitchen

It does not contain chemical synthetic insecticides, so it is recommended for use around the kitchen. It also has deodorizing and sterilizing effects.

Pruduct Usage:Drosophila and other fruit flies

Use Method:
Shake bottle well before use.

Turn the spray tip ON and use. Be sure to turn it OFF after use.
Please spray from a distance of 10 ~ 20cm.
If the contents become difficult to come out during use, shake well again and use.

< in case of avoidance and prevention >

Please spray the fly into a corner of the kitchen, a trash can, or any other place you don't want to get close to. 3 spray at the triangle corner and 9 spray at the trash can (45l). The repellent effect lasts for about 3 days (depending on the usage environment).
In addition to using this product, it is effective to clean up food waste which is the source of fruit fly generation.
< direct extermination >

Spray directly on the adult, larva and egg so that the whole body is sufficiently wet.
Do not spray to fly fly flies.
However, there is no problem with the effect.

Please follow the prescribed usage method.
Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
Be well ventilated when using and do not directly inhale the spray.
You can't drink this product.
Should this adhere to the skin, wash well with soap. Should this get in your eyes, rinse well with water.
If you have a constitution that is prone to allergies and rash, please be careful with use.
Consult your physician if you experience any physical abnormalities.
Do not use on water-based waxes, paints, varnishes, acrylic or styrofoam plastics, carpets, wallpapers, plain wood, paulownia, furniture, electrical appliances, etc., as it may cause stains or discoloration.
As there is a risk of fire, please be careful about fire.
Please note that the gas alarm may be activated.
After use, dispose in accordance with the method specified by each municipality.
[precautions for storage and handling]

Store in a cool place out of reach of children.

Five effects

Prevention of fly flies
Pesticides of fly flies
Bfly avoidance

This spray does not contain pesticides, so it can be used safely around the kitchen.
The soft gel that reduces the odor of food waste and the W of the natural ingredient keep fruit flies away.
With a soft gel formulation that doesn't easily drain off, the repellent effect lasts for about 3 days.
It can be sprayed directly on fruit flies on food waste to kill them.
Contains natural deodorant ingredients and fermented alcohol. Deodorizes and sterilizes worryful odors.

Benzyl benzoate (naturally derived ingredient), orange oil, fermented alcohol, extract of moso bamboo, and dry distillate of green tea


Others:Effect duration: approx. 3 days (depends on the usage environment)

[6-PACK] Earth Japan Insecticidal Repellent & Sterilizing full-efficacy Spray 300g For Kitchen