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4K UHD Remote For Samsung Control Replacement BN59-01259B No Bluetooth

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4K UHD Remote For Samsung Control Replacement BN59-01259B No Bluetooth

A CE Certified Samsung BN59-01259B compatible remote control. Small, lightweight ergonomically designed, this smart remote pairs automatically with your TV with no need for set up.

This remote is compatible with Samsung Smart TV 6 7 8 9 Series: Please check your TV remote for compatibility with the following models:

UN40KU6290 UE43KS7500 UE43KS7500U UE43KS7590 UE49KS7000U UE49KS7500 UE49KS7500U UE49KS8000T UE49KS9000T UN40KU6290F UN40KU6290FXZA UN40KU6300 UN40KU6300F UN40KU6300FXZA UN40KU630D UN43KU6300 UN43KU6300F UN43KU6300FXZA UN43KU630D UN43KU630DF UN43KU630DFXZA UN49KU6500F UN49KU6500FXZA UN49KU650D UN49KU650DF UN49KU650DFXZA UN43KU6500 UN49KU6500 UN40K5300 UN49K5300

UE55K5607 UE55KS7000U UE55KS7500 UE55KS7500U UE55KS8000T UE55KS9000T UN50KU6290 UN50KU6290F UN50KU6290FXZA UN50KU6300 UN50KU6300F UN50KU6300FXZA UN50KU630D UN50KU630DFXZA UN55KU6290 UN55KU6290F UN55KU6290FXZA UN55KU6300 UN55KU6300FXZA UN55KU630D UN55KU630DF UN55KU630DFXZA UN55KU6500 UN55KU6500F UN55KU6500FXZA UN55KU650D UN55KU650DF UN55KU650DFXZA UN55KU6600F UN55KU6600FXZA 

UE65KS7500 UE65KS7500U UE65KS8000T UE65KS9000T UE65KU6400U UE65KU6500U 

UN60KU6270 UN60KU6270F UN60KU6270FXZA UN60KU6300 UN60KU6300F UN60KU6300FXZA UN60KU630D UN60KU630DF UN60KU630DFXZA

UN65KU6290 UN65KU6290F UN65KU6290FXZA UN65KU6300 UN65KU6300F UN65KU630D UN65KU630DF UN65KU630DFXZA UN65KU6500 UN65KU6500F UN65KU6500FXZA UN65KU650D UN65KU650DF

UN70KU6300 UN70KU6300F UN70KU6300FXZA UN70KU630D UN70KU630DF UN70KU630DFXZA UE78KU6500U

UN65KS8000 UN49KS8000 UN49KS800D UN60KS8000 UN55KS8000 UN55KS800D UN60KS800D UN65KS800D


  • Great replacement for Samsung BN-59-01259B
  • Infrared remote
  • Dedicated navigation keys
  • An ideal quality replacement remote with functions
  • No programming is required


  • Model: BN59-01259B (no bluetooth)
  • Weight: 50g
  • Dimensions (cm): 16.5 (L) x 3.5 (W) 2(D)
  • Batteries: 2x AA
  • Material:New ABS, soft silicone buttons
  • Transmission way: IR
  • Infrared wave length 950± 50nm
  • Launch angle 40°-45°
  • Carrier wave frequency: 38K
  • Surge center frequency 433kHz
  • Standard voltage DC 3V
  • Workable voltage range: 2.4~5V

Package Includes:
1 x Replacement Remote for Samsung TV (No batteries)

4K UHD Remote For Samsung Control Replacement BN59-01259B No Bluetooth

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