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Messengers / Messengers 2 - The Scarecrow, The DVD

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Messengers / Messengers 2 - The Scarecrow, The DVD

THE MESSENGERS Desperate for a fresh start after two tough years in Chicago, the Solomon family retreats to a desolate sunflower farm in North Dakota. But the calm of farm life is shattered when 16-year-old Jess (Kristen Stewart) and her 3-year-old brother Ben begin to see nightmarish apparitions throughout their new home - visions that nobody else can see. As the visions grow darker, they become fear-inspiring experiences and Jess' parents (Dylan McDermott and Penelope Ann Miller) start to question their daughter's sanity. Now, Jess must find a way to save her family and win a battle with forces from far beyond the grave.
MESSENGERS 2: THE SCARECROW Unimaginable terrors grows in this chilling prequel to the horror hit, The Messengers. Desperate to save his crops, a farmer places a mysterious scarecrow in his fields only to discover that with pure evil... you reap what you sow. As the body count rises around him and his family questions his sanity, he'll have to fight back against a deadly force that knows no bounds.
Messengers / Messengers 2 - The Scarecrow, The DVD