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Hostel / Hostel - Part II / Hostel - Part III | Triple Pack DVD

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Hostel / Hostel - Part II / Hostel - Part III | Triple Pack DVD

HOSTEL - Three backpackers head to a Slovakian city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them. In the tradition of dread-inducing terror-rides like Saw and Wolf Creek comes Cabin Fever director Eli Roth's deranged and disturbed sophomore effort - Hostel. Produced and presented by film auteur Quentin Tarantino, this grim and gory piece of survival horror is set to give horror fans a gory, bloody, disgusting good time!
HOSTEL 2 - Three female college students take a detour from their partying, enticed by a beautiful European woman who promises seclusion, safety and maybe even romance. What they get is a living hell where they are sold to the highest bidder who's fondest wish is to kill them slowly. Hostel 2 also follows 2 American men who, on the flip side of the coin, are willing to pay to join an exclusive club where a life will end at their hands...any way they like. It's a story of human monsters and the almighty dollar as only Eli Roth could tell it!
HOSTEL 3 - Bringing the underground world of the notorious Elite Hunting Club to "Sin City", where human torture has been turned into a high stakes gambling opportunity.
Hostel / Hostel - Part II / Hostel - Part III | Triple Pack DVD