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GOMINIMO Memory Foam Seat O Shape Dark Grey

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GOMINIMO Memory Foam Seat O Shape Dark Grey


  • Pressure Relief:
    With the rear cut-out the cushion keeps your tailbone off the seating surface and at an elevated position. This removes the pressure from your coccyx and the spinal column whilst offering the right amount of support that you have been looking for.
  • Lasting Comfort:
    The ergonomically designed memory foam relieves the main pressure points from your thighs and bottom part and distributes your bodyweight evenly across the seating surface. This ensures lasting comfort and support even when sitting for long periods of time.
  • In your Office Chair and Car:
    Sitting over 8 hours in an agonizing office or dining chair whilst trying to work from home or driving long hours in an uncomfortable car seat is a daily struggle for many. Our seat cushion can change this by offering an inexpensive solution that can make a huge difference in your daily comfort and overall well-being.
  • The Perfect Gift Idea:
    Whether by need or profession we all have friends and family members forced into a sedentary lifestyle. It doesn't have to be painful though. So look no further, our seat cushion is a very practical and meaningful present for anyone working from home or driving long hours.
  • Machine Washable:
    Can be disassembled and cleaned separately (do not clean with memory foam). The invisible zipper design makes the appearance look natural and complete. When cleaning, you only need to open the zipper and separate the pillowcase. Hand wash.


O Shape

  • Size: 69-81cm
  • Weight Support: 18-30kg
  • Material: Oxford cloth/Nylon fabric
GOMINIMO Memory Foam Seat O Shape Dark Grey