EMITTO USB Sunset Projection Lamp LED Modern Romantic Night Light Multi-colour

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Decorate any room of your house or create a new lighting display at your workplace. With a variety of colours to choose from you can suit any mood or occasion. Set up a romantic space create a beautiful atmosphere organise that perfect photo or illuminate a spot of interest.

The uses are endless for this projection lamp. It can even be used as a night light to help children and infants overcome their fear of the dark. The LED light means that the electricity used is trivial compared to standard light globes. Look after the environment and saves costs even if you leave it on all night.

This is powered by a USB connection which means that with a portable power bank battery you can take this light whenever you want to go. You could take it camping or provide additional light for a night-time event.

You have five colours to select from or just switch it up each time you use a room. Place it far away for some soft lighting or move it up close to highlight a prized possession.

With a high-brightness and non-flickering design you will be able to light up any space without straining your eyes. The rotatable light fixture means you can point it in any direction with ease. Set up that artistic photo that will capture all your friend’s imagination.

Key Features: 

  • 180°Rotatable angle
  • Wide illuminated area
  • Energy saving bulb
  • Non-glare LED lights
  • Romantic and trendy
  • Ultra-stable base
  • Wall or ceiling projection

Material:  Polycarbonate plastic and steel 

Effect: Multi-colour

Lamp bead type: LED chip

Voltage: 5V 5W USB

Illuminated area: 15㎡-30㎡

Cable length: 120cm

Dimension: 27cm x 8cm x 10cm

  • 1x Sunset Projection Lamp
  • 1x USB cable