11.4-16 Inch Adjustable Children Balance Bike Kids Toddler Scooter Baby Walker Training Balance Bike Bicycle

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 Kids Balance Bike



Bike Color

 Red, Black, Red

Tyre Color


Total Length


Tyre Dia.


Padded seat height

 Adjustable from 11.4" to 16"

Handlebar height

 Adjustable from 21" to  22.5"


- Adjustable Seat

Children's balance bike is 30.5" in total length. The padded seat is 11.4"- 16" adjustable for extreme riding comfort. The soft touch handlebar is  handlebar is 21" - 22.5" adjustable.

-Thickened Rubber Solid Tyre

Rubber tyre is more elastic and shock absorption, suitable for a variety of venues. Deep grain offers better grip and handling for bike. the diameter is 11".

- PVC Handlebar Gloves

PVC environmental protection gloves, mushroom head design, make the hand hold more firmly.

- Environmental Metal Baking Paint

Environmental friendly metal baking paint, high hardness, strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


Package Included:

1 x Balance bike 

1 x Stickers

1 x Accessories package

1 x Users' manual


- Please don't ride on the slope or main road with  many vehicles.

- Please wear a cycling helmet and knee pads for your child while riding.

- For safety, younger children need to ride with their parents.

- Please make sure that the accessories are complete before installation. If there are missing accessories, please contact customer team.